Macarons & Viennoiseries in Capitol Hill, Seattle

Amandine Bakeshop is a micro-bakery and café specializing in regional French and classic English pastries incorporating locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients through classic pastry technique.

Offering a daily variety of macaron gerbet, or Parisian-style macarons, we also showcase other regional macaron styles that have existed for centuries, all highlighting the versatility of eggs, sugar, and almonds.

You can also find a changing selection of viennoiseries, cookies, cakes, breakfast breads, savories, and tarts, made with our own handcrafted doughs in the open kitchen. The coffee and tea choices are brought to you by Dorothea Coffee's talented team.

Amandine strives to use only the best ingredients in all pastries, which means using the finest organic and sustainably-grown ingredients, including unrefined sugars and natural dyes in the macarons. We are committed to supporting the local farming community and to that end,  the majority of our fruit comes from Mike and Liz at Grouse Mountain Farm in Chelan, the buckwheat comes from Nash’s Organic Produce, and the walnuts are grown at Mair Farm-Taki.

We offer a peaceful mezzanine seating level for the use of our patrons. We love expanding all aspects of our family through the connections with neighbors and friends in the dynamic Capitol Hill community.


About Sara Naftaly

Chef Sara Naftaly received her culinary arts diploma from New York's French Culinary Institute in 1993. Professionally, she worked with renowned private chef Michel Boulard for over three years in New York City and London. She worked for Susan Spicer at New Orleans' Bayona before joining Le Gourmand, where she worked as the pastry chef for fifteen years alongside her husband Bruce Naftaly. She created and opened the beloved jewel-box lounge Sambar in 2003.  Sara’s love of classic French cooking began at the tender age of four when her family moved from the UK to Paris. She spent much of her youth traveling through the diverse regions of France, sampling the cuisine of some of its finest restaurants.


About Dorothea Coffee


We are pleased to announce an innovative collaboration with our friends at Dorothea Coffee, a highly respected micro-roaster committed to making the craft of coffee simple. Dedicated to small, sustainable growers, they proudly procure beans from Red Fox, Coffee Shrub and Shared Source. Dorothea brings unsurpassed quality to the Seattle marketplace along with introducing coffee lovers to undiscovered producers. During the upcoming months, you can look forward to an extraordinary experience through every espresso, latté, cappuccino, pour over and drip served by Dorothea. Dairy-free folks can also enjoy their caffeine fix thanks to Amandine's daily house made nut milk option:  cashew, almond or pecan depending on availability. Truly an alliance we've all been waiting for!