The Mezzanine


The Mezzanine at Amandine is perfect for…


Meetings with yourself and with groups (rent the room or meet in a corner). An after hours party (we've got the dj set up already). Lunch meetings (catering from Marmite). Coffee + pastry meetings (catering from Amandine). Or anything else you can imagine (within reason). Reach out if you have questions or would like to learn more about renting the Mezzanine at Amandine.


Upcoming Events at the Mezzanine...

Every second Thursday of the month we throw a party in collaboration with studio e at our Mezzanine for Capitol Hill Art Walk! 

May 10th (5:30-9pm) Art Walk: A Sense of Space

Curated by Anthony White, Presented by studio e

A show of sculptures varying in size and material by Seattle Artists Trevor Brown, Tuan Nguyen, and Camden Bailey. Located at Amandine Bakeshop (second floor lounge) on Thursday, May 10th during Capitol Hill Art Walk. These Artists are working in modes of removing, replacing, adding, judging, or disrupting an object or moment in time. Fitting a void or cubby, with foreign or native pieces of an object, their works start to take on the role of a puzzle. The interaction and play of parts that occur in these works create a fluid dialogue between the material choice and the Artists’ intentions, creating an intimate dance of repetitive gestures. These Artists cautiously cause disruptions in the process to encounter purposeful errors. Everything is where it belongs. Curated by Anthony White.

Please join us from 5:30-9pm at Amandine's Mezzanine

  Curator Anthony White setting up the mezzainine

Curator Anthony White setting up the mezzainine